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Atlas Results in the Newsl in Fort Worth, TX

ATLAS RESULTS in the News!
ESPN, The Doctors, Montel Williams, News

ESPN's 30 for 30: The 1985 Bears QB Jim McMahon fights to stay in good health with Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments. 

Jim McMahon Discusses Early Dementia From Concussions

Watch The Doctors talk about the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.

Watch Montel Williams talk about how the Atlas Orthogonal procedure changed his life.

Watch an NBC news story on how the Atlas Orthogonal procedure helped a woman get rid of the pain from migraine headaches.

Click Here to read story about another patient with Multiple Sclerosis, who received astonishing results with the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.

The Atlas Orthogonal Adjustment Works Wonders With Kids!

Watch three Medical Breakthrough Segments showing how Atlas Orthogonal adjustments can help infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents achieve optimum health!

Atlas Orthogonal adjustments have helped alleviate ear infections, bed wetting, colic, headaches, and allergies. Studies are also showing that these adjustments may remove the risks for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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