Rib Pain Treatment in Forth Worth, TX

Chiropractor in Fort Worth Treats Rib Pain

Is rib pain hurting your quality of life? A sudden sharpness or pain in the ribs could be symptomatic of a joint restriction. Most conventional treatment focuses on easing a patient’s pain and waiting for the condition to resolve on its own, which may take weeks or longer.

rib pain

Our chiropractor in Fort Worth, Dr. Chris Michlin, recognizes that a proactive approach to care delivers optimal patient outcomes. Rather than following a “wait and see” approach, Dr. Michlin focuses on the most effective options for providing fast, drug-free pain relief and resolving the underlying cause of this pain.

Rib Pain Symptoms and Causes

The rib cage protects our vital organs, provides support for important muscle groups, and assists in respiration. The rib cage includes the sternum, the 12 thoracic vertebrae and 12 pairs of ribs. In the upper mid-back, each rib forms two joints with the thoracic spine and an additional anterior joint where the ribs connect with the sternum. If one or both of these joints becomes restricted, you may experience pain in the chest or the back or a radiating pain sensation from

Common symptoms associated with rib pain include:

  • Pain in the back, typically underneath the scapula or shoulder blade
  • Pain in the neck or shoulder region
  • Pain when breathing, even after cardiovascular issues have been ruled out
  • Pain sensations that “wrap” from the chest to the back, or vice versa
  • Sharp pain when breathing, especially on the inhale, or difficulty breathing

Some patients with rib pain may have a pain condition known as “Costochondritis” or “chest wall pain.” This pain is associated with the inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum).

How Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments Can Help Relieve Rib Pain

The spinal column is a tunnel of interlocking bones called vertebrae that protect the spinal cord. Think of the spine as a chain-link fence: if a single vertebra is out of alignment, this misalignment can impact the entire chain and cause the head to tilt. The body will then make subtle shifts to accommodate this misalignment, causing biomechanical stress and strain. The result: we experience pain but cannot point to a specific “cause” or “trigger.” Pain medication can only mask the symptoms of this pain. Drugs cannot address the underlying misalignment that triggers the pain. Worse, if rib pain is not correctly addressed, this pain may be mistaken for heart disease or heartburn, leading to unnecessary treatment and medication.

Atlas orthogonal adjustments are an effective, drug-free treatment option that addresses pain at the source. While adjustments bring the entire spine back into correct alignment, also, an atlas orthogonal adjustment may help to address joint restriction in the thoracic spine and where the anterior joints connect with the sternum. Dr. Michlin also uses an activator for rib adjustments. With the activator, he is able to adjust right at the sternum, at the spinal column, and around the entire rib cage for an immediate alignment.

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Dr. Michlin is the only chiropractor in Fort Worth and North Texas who is a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist and can provide comprehensive care for rib pain. Don’t let rib pain stop you from living an active life: take the first step back to health today and call our chiropractor in Fort Worth, Dr. Michlin, for your appointment Call Back To Health Family Chiropractic at (817) 810-9111

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