Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Excellent And Knowledgeable Care Given To All!!!

Learn How Dr. Michilin Does Pain Management with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustments

I have been a client of Dr. Michlin's for a while now, and I have always been treated with the utmost care and respect by both Dr. Michlin and his business partner/wife, Nancy!!! Both are very knowledgeable in their fields, and both are truly dedicated to making sure their clients are comfortable with everything they do and say. They are committed to getting each and every client Back to Health as they knew it -- and even BETTER!!! They are determined to design a better YOU, just as God intended all of us to be!!!

My husband, Mark and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Michlin, Nancy, and Back to Health Family Chiropractic!!! Give them a try!!! You'll be glad you did!!! All of us can use a good chiropractor taking such good care of us!!! We don't realize how important chiropractors are until we find ourselves in pain and much in need of one!!!

You can't go wrong with Dr. Michlin, Nancy, and Back to Health Family Chiropractic!!! They are slowly getting ME BACK TO HEALTH again!!!


54 Year Old Female, PartyLite Consultant, Watauga, Texas

After 20 years and literally hundreds of doctors including orthopedic, podiatrist, neurologist, gastroenterologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, endocrinologists, fibromyalgia specialists and holistic approaches such as massage, rolfing, myofascial release, colonics, I have found a method that directly addresses my specific spine distortions and my fibromyalgia malady.

Skeptical and a little scared when I looked at the instruments of the atlas orthogonist's profession, I followed the referral from my fibromyalgia doctor to get relief from a 22 day massive headache and work on other areas of my spine, muscles, trigger points, and facial tissue that many chiropractors do not address.

The instrument to adjust the atlas bone looks like a drill but works nothing like a drill; I will leave that to Dr. Michlin to explain. Using this instrument to adjust the atlas in the right position with just a tap and no pain, made much of my head, mouth and neck pain dissipate.

The percussor tool works on the fascial tissue issues which cause the stiffness and inflammation throughout my entire body to release the fascia making it less tight which in turn makes the pain not as intense.

Using these tools along with high tech tables Dr. Michlin adjusts individual spine vertebrae. His care has progressively relieved traumatized nerves and relaxed the muscles in my arms, back and legs.

It's only been a few months, and I have a way to go to reverse 20 + years of pain. It doesn't happen overnight. I believe that Dr. Michlin has the knowledge, skills, and instruments to improve my condition and to progressively get my brain talking to my body, whereby getting me to function and exercise like I was before these maladies hindered years of my life.


44 Year Old Female, Instructional Designer, Euless, Texas

When I came to Dr. Michlin's office about five weeks ago, I was desperate. I had been to several doctors over the years trying to find resolution to multiple symptoms. Every one of them had basically said I was either depressed ("Here are some antidepressants"), or I was supposed to feel that way because I was 30 (at the time) and had two kids ('You are crazy")! So eventually I almost began to think that I must be nuts. I had severe fatigue for years, and then later on, I began to suffer pain in my joints and muscles. I was also having pain in my jaw. It would tighten, I would move my jaw, and it would pop real loud! After the pop, I would have motion again, but the area stayed sore all the time.

My joint, muscle, and jaw pain went from being a nuisance to becoming debilitating over the course of about a year. I was to the point where the only things that seemed to help were hot baths and bed rest, and those only temporarily. I felt like one day I was going to go to bed and not be able to get up again. I was still working but only by heavily medicating myself, and I knew that I could not go on much longer in that condition.

I began researching the atlas (the top bone in the spine), due to the encouragement of a friend, who had found some information relating to the atlas and the various symptoms that can arise when it is not in the proper position. My research led me to Dr. Michlin's website, and I gave him a call. I was able to schedule an appointment within a couple of days. Dr. Michlin did the most thorough medical history that I have ever had with any doctor. He did multiple x-rays and was very careful to explain what they all meant and how the abnormalities could be affecting my health.

Here is the most fantastic part of this story: Dr. Michlin adjusted my atlas and then took another x-ray of the area. The change was clearly visible on the x-ray. The gaps between the vertebrae were greater than before. (That even impressed my husband, the skeptic!) There was definite change. I live approximately two hours from Dr. Michlin's office. By the time I got home that afternoon, the pain that had been radiating through my shoulders, elbows, forearms, hips, knees, and calves was gone. It has not returned! The pain in my jaw is also no more! No tenderness, no stiffness, no popping!

I have been seeing Dr. Michlin three times a week; and although I have a long way to go, I now have hope. I am not suffering with mind-numbing pain anymore. This treatment and Dr. Michlin have been a tremendous blessing in my life!

Don't give up! Dr. Michlin can help you too!



39 Year Old Female, College Clerical Administration, Cisco, Texas

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