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Getting a Stunt Gal's Head On Straight

Lisa has led an exciting life! Her book, Falling for the Stars: A Stunt Gal's Tattle Tales, will give you a great deal of detail on how her profession brought her to our clinic. While one might think performing stunts is glamorous, it can also put the body through tremendous trauma. As a result, Lisa endured chronic headaches, dizziness, and neck pain.

Lisa sought us out, because Dr. Michlin is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas. She has been receiving treatments at our clinic for seven weeks, and her pain has significantly lessened. Her body is on the road to recovery! As Lisa said, "Thanks for helping me get my head on straight!"

A Stunt Gal Gets Her Head on Straight!

Christina was suffering from Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), which is a disorder related to high pressure in the brain. It's also sometimes called pseudotumor cerebri or benign intracranial hypertension. It causes signs and symptoms of a brain tumor, but no tumor is present. Other symptoms may include headaches behind the eyes, vision changes, bulging eyes, ringing in the ears in time with the heartbeat, and brief episodes of blindness.

Christina used to have at least 15 debilitating headaches per month. She was put on three or more different medications. She did not like having brain fog or the Band-Aid approach with pharmaceuticals, but she needed relief and was not getting any. Her doctors then recommended a brain shunt or stint. Christina was terrified.

Through research, her husband discovered another option at Back To Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Michlin uses a gentle and specific Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Instrument to properly align the atlas, the top bone in the spine, otherwise known as C1.

After Christina's first atlas adjustment, her headache disappeared. She had immediate relief. Christina was able to see brighter colors. She could smell better and thus taste better, too. The swishing in her ears ceased.

Under her medical doctor's supervision, Christina went off of all her medications. She did not need them anymore! By getting treated at Back To Health Family Chiropractic, Christina's debilitating headaches dropped from 15 per month to only five in three and a half months! She knows her atlas has gone out of alignment when she gets a headache. All she needs to do is get her atlas adjusted, and her relief is instantaneous.

Christina has her life back!
Back To Health! Back To Life!
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How do I explain to you how on April 21, 2010, I got my life back, when I didn't realize myself how much of my physical life I had lost?

I started seeking relief from an intense continuous headache back in September of 2009. I tried traditional doctors of every sort including my general practitioner, neurologists, ophthalmologists, pain management specialists, regular chiropractors, ear nose and throat specialists, etc. I never got the same diagnosis twice, I never got any relief, I never got to the source of the problem. What I did get was a weekly co-pay and many different prescriptions for very powerful and potentially hurtful, addictive drugs. Until my very first appointment with Dr. Michlin, within a nanosecond of the procedure I literally felt life returning to parts of my body that hadn't had full function at least for some months, in some cases, years.

The very first thing I noticed after "being zapped", (which isn't even a proper term, because I physically felt nothing) was within that nanosecond a cool wave went through my entire body from the top of my head out through my right toe, my right ear "popped" (I hadn't been hearing correctly out of it for many months), the dagger-like pain that had been shooting down through the back of my right eye into my neck was gone. (I don't mean lessened - I mean gone. A pain I had had continuously since last September gone in a nanosecond). That was before I sat up.

When I sat up I knew I had my life back. I can't explain it, but what comes to mind is a comparison to putting a rubber band tight around your finger and letting it cut off the blood flow just for a few seconds and then letting the rubber band loose and feeling the blood coursing to the affected flesh. I had that feeling all over my body. But perhaps more importantly than what I did feel was what I didn't feel. The headache that just moments before was threatening to go out of control was - gone.

About now, you're thinking, okay, so this woman takes every little pain she's ever had and magnifies it out of proportion-not the case. I've had two children by natural childbirth. Not finding out until the first that I had had a broken tailbone that didn't heal properly. I pushed for four hours with no success, because I literally was pushing her head into my bone. OUCH!!!! Guess what! It gets better. I broke it again when I pushed her out. Piece of cake, I was out of the hospital with her the next day, going right back to my same routine. We were roofing and remodeling a house at the time. I can stand pain.

The real discoveries started coming more subtle over the next few days and weeks, now months. Almost every day I find something that I can now do, that I couldn't do before; usually because there was too much pain. I didn't realize how over the years I had just altered how I went about a task.

Here's an example:

I love to garden but hadn't been able to finish my last season's chores because my head hurt too badly. I knew even with Dr. Michlin's help this season was out because even with his miracle "zapper" my body needed time to heal. However, I'm one that always has to "push the envelope", so I figured, if I bent over carefully to pull that little weed . . . . . no one would be the wiser. Two things happened - or should I say didn't happen. No lower back pain and I could actually squat down without falling over. I hadn't been able to sustain a squatting position in about five years. I could get down, but not without intense blood pounding in my ears and a headache within minutes. I couldn't get back up without help or rolling over onto my knees. Just having to "push the envelope" I tried it 5, 6, 7 times, same result. No headache, no lower back pain, and I could keep my balance.

A couple of days later, my husband and I were walking down a sidewalk. Now in the last few years, (we've been married 27 years), we don't walk (a.) hand in hand, or (b.) side by side. You ask why? because for the last 5-6 years, I've not been able to walk next to him without stepping on him or bumping into him constantly. I cannot walk a straight line and I don't drink! I noticed it first because I had been noticing for the last couple of days that the way I walk now "feels" funny. What I hadn't realized before was how off balance I had been, the "funny" feeling was balance. I wasn't veering to one side or the other and I was able to stand up without leaning on someone else. My brain over the years had adjusted to "rely" on whoever was standing next to me to keep me upright. Amazingly, now I could walk in a straight line.

Okay, now I'm really psyched. I start testing the little things in my life that I thought were just "the aging process."

For example, vision. I had had to go to the ophthalmologist way back in September and October when the medical profession had decided my headaches were due to an enlarged optic nerve. (NOT!) They checked my prescription, found it to be accurate, gave me drugs and sent me on my way with the old "We may never know what is causing your headaches." I had read and heard that when your atlas was correct you may find that you didn't need prescription lenses at all. That isn't quite what is happening with me, so far. But I can tell you, I don't need the bifocals in my lenses that were just prescribed within the last two years and I can, once again, wear my contact lenses that I haven't been able to stand due to dryness in the eyes for at least four years. Plus I can actually see out of the contacts both near and far. When I wore them four years ago, I had to carry a pair of reading glasses to be able to see up close. No more.

Now for the really important stuff. Memory and logic and social filters. I had been experiencing trouble multitasking. I'm a chef in a grocery store so I have to be able to cook, talk, demonstrate, sell, and make substitutions with many interruptions throughout the process. I was having difficulty, tremendous difficulty with this when I took a leave of absence last fall because of the illness. I thought it was stress due to the pain, I didn't realize that it was due to the base of my brain swelling and that it wasn't going to get better unless and until we got an accurate diagnosis. Over the course of the last eight months, I hadn't been able to do the normal things a wife and mother usually does.

Again, I'll give you examples.

  • I wasn't allowed to cook, because on many occasions, I didn't remember to turn off the water in the sink, or worse the burner on the stove. I would put the casserole in the refrigerator and the milk in the oven. (FYI: Not fun to clean up the plastic out of the oven.)
  • I couldn't pay the bills because sometimes $15 + $15 =$60 and sometimes it equaled $7.
  • I couldn't drive myself to my doctor appointments because I sometimes got lost.
  • I didn't remember conversations or events and if more than one person was in a conversation, I was lost.
  • I couldn't do the shopping because if there was more than one choice, I couldn't reason in any form or fashion what would be the better choice.
  • And God forbid, anyone makes me upset, because I had no filters and I would say anything . . . . and I do mean anything. Now I'm not a mean person, but if I thought the shirt you were wearing wasn't exactly pretty , I would tell you that. Not good.

Within two days of the first treatment I noticed I could follow along in a multi person conversation, I could recall simple words, that for months, I couldn't bring to mind, my memory was returning, I stopped myself from saying something that might have been hurtful, and I could once again add. I could do multiple multi step processes at once. For instance, fold clothes while putting in another load, while loading the dishwasher, while cooking breakfast and answering the telephone. These sound like really simple things and they are, but imagine yourself knowing you were once capable of handling these and thinking nothing of it, to not even being able to cook your own eggs. Like I said before, LIFE RETURNING.

Okay, now to body breakdown, literally. Before Dr. Michlin, I had difficulty breathing, echoing in my right ear, vertigo, jaw pain, dagger-like pain protruding down through the right eye, dry eye, itching ears, neck pain, pain in right shoulder, pain in left shoulder, right hip pain, left hip pain, no balance, pain in lower back no matter what I was doing, indigestion, constipation, irritability, numbness in both big toes, pain in the inside of the knees, dry cracked heels, insomnia, dandruff, tingling scalp, weight gain, craving for carbohydrates and last but not least, exhaustion.

After the first seven treatments with Dr. Michlin -- Oh yeah! That week -- there was no pain from symptoms, only healing pain from my body returning to normal. I could go on and on about small changes, simple changes that I'm noticing. Activities that I either have been able to return to or I will eventually be able to resume but then this letter might be 20 pages. You're getting my point. Is that to say he cured all my pain for forever? No, not yet! (We're not done with treatments yet) But he's the only one who has an explanation for the pain and a course of action to alleviate it and has already produced positive results, without drugs.

What's the old saying? Actions speak louder than words. Do I still have pain? Yes, from time to time when my atlas slips out, but it is a much lesser pain and I know it is only a temporary pain until my spine gets "set". I'll take the trade of a much diminished, temporary, healing pain, over eight months of intense, excruciating, worsening pain any day.

Sincerely, with the greatest of admiration and appreciation!

46 Year Old Female, Demonstration Chef, Melissa, Texas

**See what I mean about mental capacity returning? I wrote this whole thing all by myself.**

I can play the violin without feeling bad!

"Thank you for curing my headaches. I can hang out with my friends and play the violin without feeling bad."

12 Year Old Student, Plano, TX

A patient has had a headache for weeks, she got adjusted, and her headache was gone! She said, "Thank you God....I mean, Dr. Michlin!"

We had a patient who had a migraine for 42 years! Also, one of her eyes was drooped. After one atlas adjustment, her migraine was GONE and her eye is now wide open!! She is getting Back To Health!!

Here is a wonderful 5 Star review a patient posted on Google for us. Chronic pain from migraines relieved through Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjustments! Say NO to Botox! Becky did! 

5 Star Google Review

We have a 20 year old patient who suffers from severe migraines. She has been on Lyrica for years. Yesterday, she told us that because her migraines have reduced from the care she has received at our clinic, her M.D. reduced her Lyrica dosage! Yay team! She is one step closer to optimal health!

I was and still am amazed how excellent the care is here! You are treated like the only one that matters is you and of course, getting you back to being healthy and pain-free. You get the individual care and attention that you deserve! I am very impressed, especially after 4 years of going to a neurologist and being the "mystery" patient treated with meds. Now, I am going to be med-free and back to having the healthy and active lifestyle I once had! Thanks Dr. Michlin!!!

45 Year Old Female, Teacher, Fort Worth, Texas




Black belt woman

A letter from misty

I am a Ph.D. biologist and LA State Champion in forms and sparring for my Tae Kwon Do division for two years running. I got jacked under the jaw during a tournament over Labor Day weekend 2011 and sustained a concussion.

My first headache lasted nine days and while the CAT scan and MRI showed nothing was wrong, I was still having drilling, multi-day headaches in February 2012; despite having seen a physical therapist that specialized in sports-related concussion treatment and a highly recommended neurologist.

Exasperated, I decided I should see a chiropractor and recalled that my good friend from college who I had not seen in over 20 years specialized in upper cervical issues, so I picked up the phone and called Chris (Dr. Michlin). As expected, he and Nancy have treated me like family; and thankfully, Dr. Michlin’s specialized treatment has me on the way back to recovery.

PLEASE NOTE - Dr. Michlin's techniques are very specialized - you may have difficulty finding an Atlas Orthogonist in your area. Since I live in New Orleans, I have to fly to Fort Worth to receive treatment. I tried seeing another chiropractor between trips to Texas and was not helped.

For the last six months, I have routinely flown to Texas to receive treatment. If he was not the best, though I dearly love my friend, I would not fork out the dough to purchase an airline ticket and rental car every 2-4 weeks.

Chris and Nancy - thanks so much for getting me kicking again :-)

-Dr. Pope


Yesterday was the world championship tournament. I managed to land in a four way tie for first place in weapons. So, we all four had to do our weapons forms again... And after we were done, we lined up in front of the three master judges, who pointed to the person who earned first place... And two of them pointed to me. I am a World Champion!!! Thanks so much for launching me Back to Health!! :-)


I suffered from debilitating migraines for almost two years. I went to a neurologist who put me on three different medications, but I still continued to have excruciating migraines. Finally, I desperately started searching on Google for possible solutions when I came across Back to Health Family Chiropractic.

I met with Dr. Michlin who sat with me for two hours until all my questions had been answered (I’ve never had a doctor talk with me longer than 15 min)! Once he convinced me that adjusting my atlas would take away my migraines, I started treatment.

Both Chris and his wife Nancy are wonderful people who truly care about their patients. I have been seeing Dr. Michlin for almost eight months and I have been migraine free for eight months! I was having migraines while I was taking three different medications; and now because of the chiropractic care at Back To Health Family Chiropractic, I have been migraine and medication free for eight months!

Praise the Lord for Back to Health Family Chiropractic and Dr. Chris and Nancy Michlin!

29 Year Old, Seminary Student, Fort Worth, Texas


Then three and a half years ago, just a week shy of her high school graduation, Becca was attacked on her school bus, resulting in a bad concussion and post-concussion syndrome. After three years of suffering with up to 3 disabling migraines a week and many struggles in college with common concussion symptoms, she started seeing Dr. Michlin at Back to Health Family Chiropractic. Having only the summer to treat her, we are amazed at her progress. She is having a much better school year, with only the occasional headache and is getting back to the activities she loves.


Migraines. I have been in the hospital numerous times and the people at the E.R. know me and know exactly what I am there for.

migraines and often have seizures with them.

migraines so bad. I have had a ridiculous number of MRIs and CTs that were normal so as to rule out cancer or bleeds.

migraines and chiropractors. I have been down this route before and was worse off after treatment. But I was desperate and thought I would try this new treatment.

There was a time I was so sick with migraines that I had thoughts of suicide.

Dr. Michlin is my hero

migraine sufferers that are as desperate for help as I was when I found Dr. Christopher Michlin. This doctor has changed my life, and I don't know that I would do if I hadn't found him. I know that there are migraine sufferers out there that could benefit from these treatments.

Sarah, 30 Year Old Female, Housewife, Dallas, Texas

migraine headache pain and stabbing hip pain from which she suffers. She remembers her first migraine at ten years old. Her Mom said that she had had them well before then. She has been experiencing intense pain for her whole life. She cannot drive and is on disability because of the intense pain she endures.

migraines. I have had them almost daily for years, along with the start for seizures, after a car wreck and four lumbar spinal surgeries. It has helped me so much with my mental health and physical health to have less pain. Some days I fell something is wrong, and then I realize, "I don't have a migraine!" Oh Boy, it's great!


headache. I couldn't sit or lie down as my head would just start pounding. I finally gave in and decided to see a chiropractor. I am so glad I did!

headaches were no more, and I can turn my head without pain.

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