Torticollis Treatment in Forth Worth, TX

Atlas Orthogonal Torticollis Treatment in Fort Worth

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Has an accident injury become a literal pain in your neck? If you are suffering from neck pain, having difficulty turning your head, and experiencing spasms in your neck muscles, you may be suffering from a condition known as acute torticollis. Conventional medical care relies on medication that “masks” your pain symptoms. Unfortunately, once these drugs wear off, the pain will return. At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, our approach to torticollis treatment in Fort Worth will address the underlying cause of your pain for long-lasting, drug-free pain relief. We help patients safely regain a full range of mobility and return to living an active life.

How Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments Address Torticollis and Neck Pain

Torticollis is characterized by neck pain, tenderness on the cervical spine, and occasional muscle spasms. Injuries to the cervical spine or neck muscles often result in spasm of the muscles, leading to the twisting of the head. Depending on the injury, the head may tip toward the shoulder (laterocollis), rotate along the longitudinal axis (rotational torticollis), flex the head and neck forward (anterocollis), or hyperextension of head and neck backward (retrocollis).

In more severe cases, patients may suffer from spasmodic torticollis, a painful condition characterized by involuntary neck muscle contraction. Also known as cervical dystonia, these contractions can cause your head to twist or turn to one side. In some cases, your head may uncontrollably tilt forward or backward.

Torticollis Treatment in Fort Worth at Back To Health Family Chiropractic

Most cases of torticollis happen by accident. Consider this story from a young patient who needed torticollis treatment in Fort Worth:

“I was goofing around and injured my neck to the point of torticollis a couple weeks ago. Dr. Michlin saw me the same day and pretty much nursed me back to health in baby steps.”

Dr. Michlin does not use medication or muscle relaxants to address a patient’s neck pain, spasms, and restricted mobility. Instead, his focus is on addressing the underlying cause. This starts with a full, comprehensive examination, which includes X-rays and medical history. Atlas Orthogonal adjustments can help relieve pain by bringing correct alignment back to the spine starting with the Atlas vertebra. This is the top vertebra in the spine. When the atlas vertebra is out of alignment due to injury or trauma, the body will try to compensate by keeping the head directly over the center of the feet. In an attempt to maintain a level position, the rest of the spine can be thrown further out of alignment, which can cause nerve irritation and exacerbate a patient’s pain. Atlas orthogonal adjustments relieve pain by restoring correct alignment to the atlas vertebra.

As the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas, Dr. Michlin is passionate about addressing and eliminating Torticollis symptoms, including neck pain and spasms, through specific and gentle chiropractic care. Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments are a non-invasive, drug-free approach to Torticollis care.

For more information on how the benefits of Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments, schedule your consultation with Dr. Michlin today:(817) 810-9111

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