Charlotte's Story

Standing Steady! No More Vertigo! Optimized Immune System!

Charlotte has been coming to our clinic for six years. She came here because she had debilitating vertigo. She went to loads of doctors and no one was able to help her. She was at her wit's end, until she came to Back To Health Family Chiropractic and had her atlas adjusted. Listen as she reflects upon her road to health. She not only does not deal with vertigo, but she also does not get seasonal illness anymore! Her immune system has been optimized!  

Video recorded in September 2019.

Charlotte's Review: Written in 2014

Extreme Vertigo! Dramamine every 4 hours, every day for 5 months. Never knowing when I would be back in bed not able to lift my head without puking. Never knowing when the room would just begin to spin. Worried about driving! 5 months of testing, all of it coming back "normal." Really? My life was far from normal.

That was my life before I met Dr. Chris Michlin at Back to Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth. He was so very honest and upfront about the vertigo. He spent two hours with me on my first visit and wrote down everything I said! He explained to me after the x-rays that he couldn't guarantee that my atlas was causing the vertigo, but that there was enough going on in there that it certainly could be! And it was!!

Dr. Michlin explained everything about the x-rays, the machinery, and the procedure. By the way, it is such an easy procedure! Not at all what I thought it might be. Absolutely no pain, can't feel a thing! He was very kind and compassionate about what I was dealing with. The office staff was every bit as kind. Nancy, Co-owner, and Tina, Patient Coordinator, are just the best!

It's a process, trying to "retrain" my atlas. It's not something that happened overnight and it won't get better overnight. Dr. Michlin says it's like training a puppy. (At least he didn't say you can't teach an old dog new tricks!) I started out getting really excited about having my atlas keep the adjustment for 10 days and then 14 days. Then I experienced 5 straight weeks of my atlas holding the adjustment and let me tell you it feels awesome! Can it get out of adjustment? Yes, it can. But I am able to recognize when it does so I go see Dr. Michlin and I feel better immediately!

I am truly blessed to have found Dr. Michlin. I thank God for him, Nancy, and Tina. I am on the road Back to Health!!

61 Year Old Female, Data Clerk, Fort Worth, Texas

Judy has been suffering from Vertigo. Her extreme dizziness caused her to vomit several times throughout the day for weeks. Her life was stopped. After a month and a half of care, Judy was able to do what she loves: being a Show Girl in the Senior Follies! She wore high heels and walked down stairs while on stage! She still wore her cervical collar though! Judy blinged it up, and no one was the wiser!

Judy, 60 Year Old Female, Show Girl, Dallas, Texas

A Stung Girl's Head on Straight!

Getting a Stunt Gal's Head On Straight

Lisa has led an exciting life! Her book, Falling for the Stars: A Stunt Gal's Tattle Tales, will give you a great deal of detail on how her profession brought her to our clinic. While one might think performing stunts is glamorous, it can also put the body through tremendous trauma. As a result, Lisa endured chronic headaches, dizziness, and neck pain.

Lisa sought us out, because Dr. Michlin is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas. She has been receiving treatments at our clinic for seven weeks, and her pain has significantly lessened. Her body is on the road to recovery! As Lisa said, "Thanks for helping me get my head on straight!"

5 Star Google Review

About 25 years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere's Syndrome, a condition that causes terrible and unpredictable vertigo. I tried all kinds of treatments, several different medications, Physical Therapy, major dietary changes and ENT recommended exercise routines. All treatments were supposed to help, sadly, none of them did. Over the years I managed to maintain employment. My social life suffered terribly. After fighting the dizzy feelings through the course of my work day I was too exhausted for anything else.

After moving to Fort Worth I started on a very clean diet in yet another attempt to relieve myself of the dizziness. As things happen, my son met Dr Michlin and during one of their conversation my Meniere's symptoms came up. Dr Michlin gave my son his card with instructions to tell me that he felt he could help. As a nurse, I was a little skeptical of chiropractics being able to help me. I decided to give it a try anyway.

I began seeing Dr Michlin in January 2015. With my long history of failed treatments I tried to keep an open mind. While the results were not immediate, they have been remarkable! I have not had any dizziness now for about a year(!!) thanks to Dr Michlin, his gentle adjustments, and his professional approach. His wife and business partner Nancy and the receptionist Emily are both friendly and caring. They know how to put you at your ease. I know that if I ever have any dizziness in the future, I can get the help I need at Back To Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth.

60 Year Old Female, Nurse, Benbrook, Texas

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