Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Forth Worth, TX

Navigating Multiple Sclerosis With Chiropractic Care

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an incredibly personal and challenging journey. It's a disease that affects not just the body but the very core of who you are, targeting the brain and spinal cord, potentially leading to disability as it takes a toll on your nerves, causing them to deteriorate or suffer permanent damage. What makes it even more complex is that MS doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all path; its symptoms vary greatly from person to person, depending on which nerves are affected and the extent of the damage they endure. In the face of this daunting reality, it's important to remember that while there might not be a medical cure for MS at this moment, there is hope. Hope in the form of a unique approach to care that combines specific upper cervical chiropractic treatments and supplemental care, offering the potential to not only reduce but also reverse symptoms, ultimately improving your quality of life.


Here at Back To Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth, TX, we understand the fear and frustration that often accompany an MS diagnosis. It's a heavy burden to bear. That's why we're here for you. Our dedicated chiropractor, Dr. Chris Michlin, isn't just a healthcare provider; he's a compassionate partner on your journey. Being the only Board-Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas, Dr. Michlin is committed to providing holistic support to those who have received a medical MS diagnosis. You will find his comprehensive approach to symptom management offers you a truly unique care experience.

Atlas Orthogonal: A Remarkable Breakthrough in MS Management

Dr. Michlin has walked this path with many patients facing MS. He knows that no two journeys are the same, and that's why he collaborates closely with you to craft a care plan that caters to your specific needs and aspirations. It all starts with identifying and addressing spinal subluxations, those subtle misalignments that can hinder your brain's ability to communicate effectively with your central nervous system. These subluxations can be a source of pain, illness, and general discomfort, and addressing them can make a world of difference.

At the heart of our chiropractic care lies the Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Technique. It's a highly specialized treatment that hones in on the atlas vertebra (C1), the uppermost vertebra in your cervical spine. Picture the atlas vertebra as the starting point of a long chain. When it's misaligned, the entire chain feels the impact. But with a gentle, precise adjustment to the atlas, we can bring your head, neck, and spine back into alignment. What's more, this vertebra sits right below your brain stem, and aligning it properly can enhance the communication between your brain and your body. This can alleviate the pressure on your nervous system, offering a sense of relief and clarity.

Personalized Care at Back To Health Family Chiropractic

We know that each MS journey is personal and unique, just like you. That's why Dr. Michlin and our dedicated team offer a care program that's tailor-made to address your individual health needs. We understand that many of our MS patients may also be receiving medical care from other professionals or may be on medications. While we don't provide advice regarding medication, our Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, full spine chiropractic treatments, and wellness counseling are designed to work in harmony with your existing care, ultimately enhancing your overall health and well-being.

We invite you to explore the inspiring stories of our "MS Success Stories." They highlight the incredible potential of our approach and the impact it can have on your life. Remember, you're not alone on this journey. We're here to walk with you every step of the way, providing personalized care that respects your unique needs.

At Back To Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth, TX, we are committed to working closely with you on your journey towards better health. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with MS and are located in the DFW area, call us today at (817) 810-9111 . Discover the difference our chiropractic care can make, where your health and well-being are always at the heart of what we do.

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