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Chiropractic Care for Migraines and Headaches

Headaches and Chiropractic Care

If you have dealt with the throbbing, stabbing or dull pain of headaches, you know that it can be Ft. Worth chiropractor provides headache and migraine reliefone of the more painful ailments that you can suffer. The physical pain can be so severe that a bad migraine or tension headache can truly impact your whole life. Many of our patients who come to see us have missed work, and lost out on enjoying time with family and friends because headaches can be so painful and difficult to overcome.

Some patients that come to see our Fort Worth chiropractor, Dr. Chris Michlin, have been suffering from headache pain for years and have found limited or no success treating the headaches with prescription medications. Chiropractic care for a migraine or for tension headaches takes a different path: We don't treat pain using medication since medication is typically only a short-term solution and does not resolve the underlying problem. Our ultimate treatment goal for patients involves getting to the bottom of the problem so that headaches are eliminated for the long term.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Care

Dr. Michlin is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor in Fort Worth and North Texas. He uses the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument to restore the Atlas vertebra to its neutral or orthogonal position through a gentle and very specific adjustment. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care comes from many years of clinical research pointing to the fact that much of the problem associated with spinal misalignment and its consequences can be associated with the atlas vertebra, the top cervical bone in the neck.

Ft. Worth Headache Help

At Back to Health Family Chiropractic in Ft. Worth, our patients come to see us seeking a non-invasive resolution to headaches and the neck pain, nausea and light sensitivity that can come along with them.  In many cases headaches happen when one or more of the spinal vertebrae of the neck are out of alignment. The misalignment can make the neck and shoulder muscles seize up, causing pain and the seized muscles can cause nerves to become compressed. Malposition of the atlas can also put extra pressure on the brain stem and surrounding tissues. Pressure in this area can lead to decreased communication between the brain and body as well as disrupting the proper flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid.

If you have ever experienced migraines, "pounding" or "splitting" headaches, pain and pressure behind your eyes or "clogged ears", you may have been experiencing the effects of pressure on your upper cervical region caused by Atlas misalignment. With careful adjustments of the spinal vertebrae that are out of alignment, compressed nerves can be freed and headache pain can be eliminated -- for the long term.

Have you found headache relief thanks to chiropractic care? Please tell us your story and feel free to leave us questions.

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