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Upper Back Pain Treatment

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Upper Back Pain

The upper back comprises the cervical and the thoracic section of the spine and is quite resilient. When upper back pain arises, it is normally from years of poor posture or an injury so severe that it can decrease the upper back toughness. The pain and discomfort can often create spin-offs of other problems taking away your activeness in life. Our chiropractor at Back To Health Family Chiropractic is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in Fort Worth, as well as all of North Texas. With treatment, we can help restore your life, your health with our various chiropractic techniques.

Causes Behind Upper Back Pain

Being that the upper spine is so resilient what is bringing on this upper back pain? Some common reasons are:

Joint dysfunction caused by injury or degradation from aging by the joints in the thoracic section of the spine degrades and dysfunction becomes painful. Muscular irritation–The muscles that connect to the scapula or shoulder blade can become open to strains either by lack of activity or overactivity. These strains become discomforting and painful.

Signs of Upper Back Pain

Throbbing pain in the upper section of the back, often going into the neck, shoulder, and even in the lower back.

Stiffness accompanied by a sharp pain or just overall aching soreness.

Sharp pain normally only in one spot. It feels like a knife is being stabbed through you and it burns.

Radiating pain. It is the pain that moves along the nerve line of the thoracic spine and can travel into the arms, chest, and stomach. They describe the pain as either sharp, dull aching or electric.

Tingling and numbness in arms and chest, even traveling into the stomach for it's going down the thoracic spine nerve.

Let Back To Health Family Chiropractic Get You Back To Life

We specialize in the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting technique aimed for upper neck and back pain, and many other ailments as well all caused by an out of aligned vertebrae call the Atlas vertebrae. We couple the Atlas Orthogonal adjustments with full spine adjusting techniques as well. Come visit our Fort Worth chiropractor clinic or call. Our doctor and staff are happy to talk and share how the wonders of chiropractic treatments can serve you. You can call us at 817-810-9111 to schedule an appointment today!

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