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Can Atlas Orthogonal TMJ Treatment Help You?

Can Atlas Orthogonal TMJ Treatment in Fort Worth Help You?


Suffering from TMJ pain? You're not alone. Consider this personal story is from one of Dr. Chris Michlin’s patients, a 64-year old Public Relations professional:

“I suffered the chronic and intense pain of TMJ. In the past eight months, I have been to a medical doctor, maxofacial specialist, and a chiropractor. I got some relief from time to time. I was taking muscle relaxers and pain medicine to relieve the spasms and pain. There were times when the spasms and pain were unbearable. I could not open my mouth, eat and chew food properly and speak. In a period of about 4-6 months, I lost about 40 pounds.”

This patient felt he had tried every TMJ treatment in Fort Worth to address his pain, including conventional chiropractic care. However, he had never tried Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments, a specialized adjustment that targets the Atlas Vertebra at the top of the spine. After just one month of adjustments, this patient finally found real pain relief. "I was amazed at the difference immediately! It has been remarkable for such a short time and has changed my life!" (You can read more about his success story here). 

This is just one example of the difference that Atlas Orthogonal adjustments can make for patients with severe TMJ pain. This drug-free, non-invasive approach to TMJ pain is changing lives. Can it change yours, too?

Atlas Orthogonal Care for TMJ Pain is Changing Lives:

1. No medication or surgery. Atlas orthogonal adjustments are non-invasive and drug-free. Rather than relying on medication or muscle relaxants to "cover up" your pain symptoms, Dr. Michlin addresses the root cause to alleviate and eliminate pain.

2. Custom care. Dr. Michlin recognizes that every patient is unique. That's why he conducts a complete examination, including X-rays and a comprehensive medical history, to fully understand the different factors that may be contributing to your pain. Dentists, who specialize in TMJ, often refer patients to Dr. Michlin,  because of the successful results from Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care.

Don't let TMJ pain hijack your life. Get back in control today. Call (817) 810-9111 to schedule your consultation at Back To Health Family Chiropractic today.

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